Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a dating or matchmaking service? No.

What does a Membership entail? In order to become a member of Boulder Area Singles (“BAS”), you’ll need to answer some profile questions and agree to the relevant terms and conditions of membership and pay a membership fee (see the Join Us tab for membership options). Once approved, you'll have access to the event calendar and have the opportunity to attend as many events as you'd like.  Our events will be attended by other singles that live and/or work in the Boulder area. 

Why is there a Membership fee? In order for BAS to cover the costs related to establishing and maintaining the group (booking fees, website, marketing, etc.), plus the time to manage the membership process, put together the calendar of events, and host the events, a fee is required to ensure BAS’s ability to prioritize the longevity of the group.  BAS will have an event host at each event to manage the event and facilitate mingling among the members.

Can I attend an event before becoming a Member?  Yes, we do offer potential members the option to attend one event as a guest, but which event will depend on availability as paid members will get first priority for limited space events. Check out our Events page for more information.

Will all the events be free after my Membership fee? There are no additional BAS fees to attend events, however if there is a cost associated with an event it will be posted with the event listing.  Some events will be free and others may have a charge related to the actual event (charged by the venue, etc.).  At the majority of our events everyone is responsible for their own tab/expenses.  The organizers will do their best to ensure options are available for those with specific food allergies or preferences (within reason). 

If I'm a Member, can I bring a guest? Yes, depending on the events capacity and the Host's discretion. As a member, you are allowed to bring a guest, but we request that you ensure they follow the guidelines associated with the membership requirements (single and preferably live within 20 miles of Boulder). You may only bring each guest to one event, after which time they will be required to join in order to attend future events. 

What types of events should I expect to see on the calendar? Happy hours and other events such as dinners, picnics, painting events, comedy nights, mingling events, museum outings, game nights, live music events, etc.

How many events will be posted monthly? There will be on average at least one event per week. We are currently scheduling the events on different nights throughout the month vs. just weekends or weeknights. 

Will all the events be in Boulder? No. ~95% of the events will be in the “Boulder Area” (defined as including Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Gunbarrel, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Niwot, and Superior). The remaining 5% of events may be special outings to Denver and surrounding areas (special events, museums, etc.), Jamestown, Lyons, Nederland, etc.

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